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How To Find a Copy of Your Credit Report for Free

There are tons of websites out there that all advertise that they will show you your credit report for free. Then you go to their website and the reality is, they lied. In most cases these websites offer you a “free” copy of your credit report if you sign up with them for a “free” trial period. This means that you have to supply your credit card information, get locked into their monthly service and hope to God that you remember to cancel the membership before the 30 day trial period is up. Only then, will you get your “free” credit report.

Coming across gimmicks like these is incredibly frustrating and the majority of people just leave the website, disgusted and no closer to knowing what their credit report says. Buyer’s First Realty wants to provide our clients and followers the information that they need, without making you jump through hoops to get it.

To get a copy, a truly free copy, of your credit report visit Annual Credit Report . At this website, they really do actually give you a FREE copy of your credit report. You can obtain individual credit reports from each of the credit companies, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion once a year.

Now to get a actual credit score, you have to pay for this information. If you are intending on buying a house soon my suggestion would be to contact a lender.  Every mortgage lender is different, but a lot of times they will pull your credit report and even possibly get your credit scores also, and not charge you. If you are just wanting to know where you stand but have no intentions of buying homes for sale, then it might cost you. For some links to our recommended Arkansas Mortgage Lenders ,  follow the link.

Knowing where you stand with the credit companies is VITAL for a person to keep up with . Regardless of whether or not you are home shopping, it is always imperative that you monitor what is being reported on you by the credit bureaus. For more Buyer’s Tips follow us on your favorite social network  or   subscribe to our Blog Posts via RSS.

Have a great weekend and be safe everyone!