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New Construction for Northwest Arkansas Real Estate

northwest Arkansas real estate construction on the rise

New construction is on the rise in Northwest Arkansas Real Estate ! While home sales have dropped slightly for existing properties in the beautiful Northwest Arkansas area, new home construction is booming. Areas such as Fayetteville, Bentonville, Bella Vista and Rogers have all seen drastic increases in the development of new housing communities, new custom built homes for sale in Fayetteville AR, and numerous other new construction projects are underway.


New development is always a bonus for communities and home owners as well as perspective home buyers. Everyone wins when new property is developed. Communities are enriched with more modern and attractive properties that in turn bring in new residents to their community. Existing home owners property values almost always increase with the new additions of homes and more modern architectural buildings. And perspective home buyers are blessed with a broader range of homes to search for in Arkansas.


This recent boom in construction has been in the process for the last year or so and is reflected in the following statistics I received earlier in the month. I like to stay informed about all the new development and the housing market trends in Northwest Arkansas Real Estate. After all, it is my job! 😉 Before I go on to ramble off a bunch of numbers let me say this. With the economy rebuilding, no matter how slow a process that may be, the proof takes form in the construction of new homes and new commercial properties for sale in NWA. Also, statistics are showing Foreclosures in Northwest Arkansas Real Estate have slowed down and new construction is taking it’s rankings. Great news!!

New Home Construction Stats :

Bentonville Araknsas– 99 new homes built ( 117,000 to 595,000)
Fayetteville Arkansas– 77 homes built ( 144k to 524k )
Rogers Arkansas– 70 new homes   (109k to 1.1mil)
The rest of Benton and Washington counties:  95 new homes  (99k to 900k)
I am excited for all the new development that has been underway and I am eager to help anyone that is in need of home buying representation. As an Arkansas Buyer’s Agent, we are here to provide our perspective home buyer’s guidance and knowledgeable representation to help them find the home they have envisioned. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have and feel free to use Buyer’s First Realty’s MLS engine to search for home for sale in Fayetteville AR or ANYWHERE for that matter in Northwest Arkansas.

At the bottom of every page you can also find information about signing up for email alerts when a home becomes available that meets your specific criteria. If you need a more specific set of search criteria met, give me a ring and I will perform the search for you.

Have a blessed week everyone!

-Steve Atwell, Arkanasas Buyer’s Agent-