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Northwest Arkansas Real Estate: April 2013 Interest Rates

mortgage interest rates for arkansas april 2013

These are the most current rates available as of April 26, 2013. As you can see, now is the time to start your home search folks! What a wonderful time to buy new land or perhaps a commercial property for that business you want to start. Not to mention, the housing market in Northwest Arkansas is hot right now and that benefits not just the sellers in real estate but also the individual home buyer’s themselves. Rates are low, home prices are low, the weather is nice 🙂 and now is the perfect market to make you move in.

Don’t miss this opportunity to lock in a good rate on a new home. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know what exactly you are searching for. I’m a no hassle Buyer’s Agent for all of Northwest Arkansas and it’s my job to offer my clients the representation and the protection they need when beginning their home buying journey.

Start Your Simple, No Hassle Arkansas Home Search Now!

When you search for homes for sale on my website, you will never be asked to fill out any forms asking for information in order to view properties. I want you to be comfortable and feel no pressure as you search for you perfect Northwest AR home. If you would like to fill out a request to be alerted when new properties matching your criteria are added to the market, then you may sign up for exclusive email alerts. Other than this, the website is yours to use as you please. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for and if not, give me a ring and I will join in the search with you!

If there is something you are interested in and cannot find it on my advanced Arkansas real estate MLS search website don’t think twice about contacting me directing either by phone or email. I am always here to help! Have a great rest of your week Arkansas !

-Steve Atwell,

Buyer’s First Realty of Northwest Arkansas

Arkansas Buyer's Agent

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